Tea Break Psychology 2 -DSM-5

On the go or short of time…but want a little Psychology in your day…..?  Welcome to the latest feature on the blog tea break Psychology, quick, easy little snippets of thought provoking information to mull over with a cuppa and a biscuit.

A great podcast from BBC Radio 4 – ‘All in the mind‘ series (click on the RSS feed on the right of the page for more episodes) on a range of topics but initially discussing the validity of diagnosis of mental disorders centred around the publication DSM5.  It is interesting to note the DSM is now an app for download…(it costs over £50 so angry birds stella pop probably has nothing to fear….)

Read the latest posting on the history of the questioning of the validity of the Psychiatric process in the US here.

Listen to the podcast here

Read a publication of the key changes between DSM IV and 5 here

An open letter from the BPS to the APA in regards to the classification system 



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