Tea Break Psychology- 4 Change Blindness

On the go or short of time…but want a little Psychology in your day…..? Welcome to the latest feature on the blog tea break Psychology, quick, easy little snippets of thought provoking information to mull over with a cuppa and a biscuit.

Selective attention enables us to focus ourselves on whatever task we are doing with a single miarticle-0-0C98C05C000005DC-927_468x380ndedness allowing people to produce great feats of creativity and dedication to whatever the mind is set to. But what are the side effects? It goes without sating that if you are so preoccupied with one thing you may miss another. There are various examples of this used in Psychology, for example research into ‘Weapon focus‘ in Forensic Psychology as recall of the features of the individual wielding the weapon are impede rather the witness focusses their attention on the weapon itself  However you don’t need to go to those lengths to experience ‘attentional narrowing’  ….here are a few of the favourites. (We’ll give the basketball players a break)

Count the black squares; http://feross.org/hacks/selective-attention-test/

A video explaining the psychology with a real world example;

Sometimes the peripheral information actual distorts that which we are seeing….or more accurately our mind dictates what we perceive…just like ‘the dress‘ and the chessboard…the chess pieces here are exactly the same.  (You will have to take my word for it as you can never unsee it it!)



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