Unconscious Decision Making; Your mind is already working on another possibility.

“Whether you’re navigating a route to work or browsing produce at the grocery store, our brains are constantly making decisions about movement,” Dr. Gallivan says. “Even outside your conscious awareness, your motor system appears to always be operating in the background, coming up with potential actions. Should I reach for the red or green apple? When should I cross the street?”


A study conducted by Queen’s University researchers how identified that the mind is constantly appraising a range of actions before making a decision.  The brain’s motor neurons are constantly preparing for a multitude of potential actions to take before making its final decision.

This form of parallel processing has key implications for the notion of the programming of artificial intelligence and in particular the models of decision making replicating the human mind.

The research also raises similar questions to the multiverse theory in physics, which identifies a number of possible simultaneous universes all co-existing not within sight of each other.

  • The patchwork multiverse is hard to avoid – if our Universe really is infinite and uniform.
  • The inflationary multiverse is rather likely if inflationary theory is true, and right now inflation is our best explanation for the Big Bang.
  • Cosmic natural selection is an ingenious idea but involves speculative physics, and there are a lot of unanswered questions.
  • Brane worlds are far more speculative, because they can only exist if all those extra dimensions do, and there is no direct evidence of that.
  • The quantum multiverse is arguably the simplest interpretation of quantum theory, but it is also vaguely defined and leads to an incoherent view of selfhood.



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