Online Tests

Remember! Any tests or measures are used purely as examples of different forms of measurement used within the history of psychology and should not be considered diagnostic in any way.

Tests used in Psychological research

  • Rotter’s (1966) Locus of Control Scale (short version)

A version of Rotter’s Locus of Control Scale

  •  Self-Efficacy rating

Measure your general self efficacy rating

  • The Holmes and Rahe (1967) Social Readjustment Scale

SRRS Scale

  • Growth or Fixed Mind Set (Dweck)

Do you have a growth or fixed mind set (you don’t need to but the book at the end of the test)


Cognitive tests on Memory and Perception

  • The Stroop Effect (1935) Colour/Word Confusion test

Stroop Test

  • Cognitive Psychology; Short Term Memory

Short Term Memory

  • Cognitive Psychology; Spatial memory test

Spatial Memory

  • Cognitive Psychology; Number memory test

Number memory

  • Logical thinking

Watson’s 4 card task

Reaction Time

  • Human benchmark;  Reaction test

Reaction speed median against over 25 million trials

  • Reaction test; What is the correlation between your reaction time and age?

Reaction speed and age


  • Kevin Dutton’s Psychopathy test

The Wisdom of Psychopaths

Emotional Intelligence

  • Can you differentiate between different facial expressions

Facial expression quiz


  • Parapsychology – Test your levels of Extra Sensory Perception

Advanced ESP Test

How the statistical data generated from the above test is explained from the source site

  • Can a computer read your mind?

Mind reader

Bias of attribution

  • The Psychology of attribution of bias from accent

British Accents


  • The Psychology of ‘resting’

All in the mind – Rest test.

  • Eye tracking perception

Can you track the red pill under the cup at speed?