The Clinical Psychology of Children and Young People

Edinburgh University are currently advertising some free online courses such as ‘The Clinical Psychology of Children and Young People‘.  Even though it doesn’t contribute to a formal qualification they are providing a verified statement of accomplishment (for a fee of around £32), the course run over for 6 hours per week and take from 1-3 hours.  Here are some of the outcomes they are offering;cours

  • Understand essential developmental processes and how they relate to child and adolescent mental health and well being
  • Understand key mental health difficulties that affect children and young people
  • Develop a critical reflection on the nature and perception of typical and atypical development and psychological difficulties
  • Understand and to critically examine the cultural and societal context for child and adolescent development and developmental psychopathology.

The University is also providing a range of other online programmes such as Mental Health: A global policy help develop a broader understanding of mental health and illness from a global perspective.  The Philosophy of Science is also being offered.

There are also a range on general and non-psychological courses running such as fundamentals of music and theory and the rather bespoke ‘Chicken behaviour and welfare‘.

For a full list click here.